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Not accepting new students 2024-2025

Students are to practice daily for at least the length of their lesson time. Consistency is KEY in maintaining skills and maintaining their playing at a high level. It is also incredibly crucial to add listening into their daily practice: listening to their current working piece along with review pieces, as well as listening to major violin repertoire and other classical music.


Students in my studio receive a weekly lesson time based on their level:

30 min lessons: for pre-twinklers through the middle of Book 3. In these lessons, we focus on review pieces to work on technique, as well as new pieces. The foundations of playing the violin: posture, left hand and right hand technique, intonation and rhythm are the focus for the first three books of the Suzuki Method.

45 min lessons: for students who are studying at the middle of Book 3 through Book 6. Many new techniques are introduced at this level: note reading (if the student does not know how to read music already), vibrato, advanced bowing techniques, scales and arpeggios as well other technical etudes.

60 min lessons: for students who are studying Book 6 and beyond, into the advanced concerti repertoire. Many of the new techniques learned at the 45 min level are enforced at a higher level, as well as orchestral repertoire for school and youth orchestras.


Regular lessons are from January through May and Mid-August through December, and are contracted at 35 lessons during this time. These months are on a tuition basis.

There will be no lessons the week of Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the last two weeks of May 2024. (New Year's, Thanksgiving and Spring Break weeks can be used for make up lessons for either student or teacher, at my convenience)



The billing year allows for 35 lessons, August through May. Lessons missed by me will be made up, or a credit will be given for the following month or semester, depending on your payment plan. Lessons missed by the student will only be made up, at my convenience, for the following reasons and are limited to 1 per semester (2 total):

*Child is ill (illness being defined as being sick enough to miss school)

*Family emergency

*Severe weather/icy roads.

With the new “norm” of online lessons, I will offer this option especially for poor driving conditions, global pandemics, or contagious illness but still ok to have a lesson. This option should not be taken advantage of.

If you have a conflict with your lesson time, please try to switch with another student for the week before contacting me. If there are extraordinary exceptions, please contact me.



Tuition holds your weekly time slot in my teaching schedule throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters and is required regardless of attendance. Tuition is paid monthly and is due by the first of each month, even if there is no lesson that week.

If monthly tuition is not paid by the end of the first week of the month, you will receive a reminder email. If payment is not made by the second lesson, you will receive a credit card invoice, including a $10 late fee. After two unpaid lessons, no more lessons will be given until payment is received. Payments can be made by check, cash, Zelle ( or Venmo (@Allegra-Wermuth) 

If I feel the need to terminate lessons, I will refund the remainder of tuition due. If the student decides to terminate lessons, this must be done prior to the 1st of the month in order to not be billed for a full month’s tuition payment. Refunds are not given except for a permanent move out of town, unless semester or yearly payment has already been made. You will receive a refund once your lesson time has been filled by a another student, by the end of the semester.



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