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​Summer term will go from June 4- Aug 1, 2024 (9 weeks total). All students must sign up for at least 6 lessons during the summer session, in order to maintain a spot in the studio for Fall 2024/Spring 2025. If you will be out of town for more than the required 6 lessons, you are welcome to double up during the weeks you are in town. Online lessons are also an option

I use SuperSaaS, which is a user-friendly scheduling system. Registration for summer lessons begins in Mid-May.

You must pay full summer tuition before you are able to register.  Here is the tuition breakdown:

60 min lessons: $510(6) $595(7) $680(8) $765(9) 

45 min lessons: $382.50(6) $446.25(7) $510(8) $573.75(9)

30 min lessons: $255(6) $297.50(7) $340(8) $382.50(9)

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